Saturday, 19 April 2008

Doh!... Oh at least I tried..

I watched "The Simpsons: The Movie", and it made me crave for donuts. :-D We don't have dunkin' donuts or crispy creme here, so I wanted to try to make my own donuts. It didn't turn out as a succes, but at least I tried.. The dough turned out to be too solid and not light and soft, but heavy. At least I had fun decorating.

Mine Homer-Simpson-Donut

Sugar Coated

Chocolate with peanut

Anyone with a fool proof recip and would like to share with me?

Thursday, 17 April 2008

Konnyaku Jelly a.k.a. Konjac a.k.a. gonyak

In Asia people recognise konnyaku as an health food. They also make noodles of it, which are high in fiber and low in calories. A misunderstanding is that konnyaku is a product from seaweed, but it actually is made of Konnyaku potato's. You can make it will all sorts of fruit and best of all, it's not an animal product, and suitable for vegetarians/vegans.

These jelly's come in different flavours like: lychee, melon, guava, mango or plain natural. Unfortunately it is not sold very often in Asian supermarkets in the Netherlands. I bought mine packages in Oriental Wholesale Supermarket in Amsterdam. I prefer this jelly over gelatine or agar agar jelly. They have a different texture and are firmer, but make sure kids chew it before they swallow it! These don't disolve in your mouth. Hope it will become more popular here!

Like all sort of jelly's, it's a matter of boiling water, disolving powder and sugar, let it cool and you have your refreshing snack. These lychee flavoured jelly hold a lychee inside. Easy to use canned lychee, but you can also use fresh fruits ofcours.

They also make beautiful mango flavoured jelly koi fish!! ^_^