Monday, 31 March 2008

Things I wanted to blog, but didn't had time to do..

Have you been wondering what I was up to? Well, I did continue baking and stuff.. but blogging takes up quite a bit of time. I'm learning Mandarin these days and just started a diet (four letter word) and I have been asked to write recipes in the local Chinese newspaper. I will post some recipes again soon :-).

For the time being, let me show you what I've been making:

Hello Kitty 3D Grape Flavour Jelly Candies

This was my valentine forest berry cheesecake with jelly topping. Very yummy!

Instant Miso soup, we've found in local Japanese supermarket

Home made pizza with mozarella filled crust (YUM!) and mushroom, spinach, cheese toppings

Mini wife cakes (lo poh peng). Flaky crust and chewy filling, very yummy.

Classic chocolate chip cookies! Crunchy on the outside, chewy on the inside. Original Nestlé Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe.

Pandan Kaya Bread loaf, very fragant

Simpel White Bread Loaf


Anonymous said...

Woah the Hello Kitty jelly is so kawaii! a bit cruel to eat the head off though =p the cheese cake seems so yummy too! did u buy it or make it urself?

x wendy

QQ red apple said...

Hi crystal,
Finally you are back!!!!!!! I thought you stop blogging already. So glad to see you again. Can I ask you where did you buy the hello kitty mould? My kids will love it. Can I buy it in Netherlands too? Hehhhe.... you baked cheesecake finally, post the recipe, I haven't try this kind of cheesecake yet. Wow, your boy friend might be happy to receive this kind of cake. Grins. Well, your wife cake looks nice too, mind to share recipe?????????? Groetjes uit Rotterdam.........

Chrystal said...

Hi QQ, Very busy lately! I bought the hello kitty mould from Ebay, not in NL unfortunately.
Next time I make the wife cake I will post it for sure. I finally found the commercial cooked glutinous rice flour :). Cheesecake is nice, I'll post that one for you too.. :)


CC said...

Waaaaaaaaaaah die Hello Kitty are so cute!!!! :D

Rosalind said...

Hoi Chrystal,

Fellow Dutch/Chinese girl here...
love your blog. May I ask where you found the cooked glutinous rice flour?? I have been looking everywhere (Oriental, WNH and Dun Yung)for it for the longest time but never did find it.

Alvast bedankt.

Chrystal said...

Hi Rosalind,

You probably are asking that for the wife cake right? I actually didn't use commercial cooked glutinous rice flour. I used homemade, and you probably know that doesn't work, but there is a trick. You can wok the ingredients and it will become solid :-). So that is how I did it.

PS: a week later, I found the flour in WNH in Amsterdam. I think I overlooked. I'll post it for you so you can recognise it.

Rosalind said...

Hi Chrystal,

Replied yesterday but not sure if something went wrong or my message is awaiting approval. Anyway I would appreciate to see a picture, I was at WNH just last week and didn't see it at all. I made wife cakes a while ago and put the glutinous flour in the oven, then wokked it then used it for the filling...didn't work at all so ended up microwaving all of the filling! Ended up with a chewy filling but the wife cake turned out ok.

Anonymous said...

wow your cheesecake looks so yummy, do u have the receipt?? :D

Sush said...

Hi Chrystal,

Nice blog u have, found it at QQ red apple's blog. I know this is an really old blogpost of yours, but anyways. You said you are learning Mandarin. Mind telling me where? Or do you ahve any suggestion? I have always wanted to learn Mandarin, have googled for places to learn it but still hesitating about those places (I forgot the names, has been a long time). Anyways I live in Amstelveen too.

Thanx and Byez

Chrystal said...

Hi Sush,

At the moment I am in Beijing at the Beijing Language and Culture University, but I guess that is a little far away from Amstelveen. I did a course with Chinese School van Amsterdam. You can find them on google.. they also use books from BLCU. Good luck!