Sunday, 10 February 2008

Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Icing

This was the first time I actually had carrot cake and I didn't expect that I would like it so much. Initially I thought of making carrot cakes, because I bought shredded carrots from the supermarket to make eggrolls, but I changed my mind. So what to do with all the carrots? I made little cupcakes and handed them out to my colleagues. The cake was so populair that three of my colleagues asked for the recipe.

Ingredients (makes 12 cupcakes, double ingredients to make one 22cm round cake)

Carrot cake

  • Brown Sugar - 140 grams
  • Vegetable oil - 90 grams
  • Eggs - 2
  • Flour - 125 grams
  • Baking powder - 2,5 tsp
  • Cinnamon powder - 1 tsp ( I used "Speculaaskruiden")
  • Ginger powder - o,5 tsp
  • Pinch of Salt
  • Shredded Carrots - 150 Grams
  • Grinded Almonds - 50 Grams (subsitude with Walnuts or Pecannuts)
  • Raisins - 50 grams

Cream Cheese frosting

  • Cream Cheese - 200 grams
  • Icing Sugar or Castor Sugar - 60 grams
  • Lemon Juice - 1 tbsp

Preheat oven at 180C and line the muffinpan with paper cups. Beat the oil and sugar in the electric mixer for 3 minutes. Add the eggs one by one and mix into a smooth batter. Shift the flour, baking powder, salt, cinnamon powder and ginger powder into the syrup. Add the carrots, nuts and raisins, mix well. Fill the papercups 2/3 with batter and bake for 35 minutes (bake 60 minutes when making the 22cm round cake). Let cakes cool.

Beat all ingredients for the cream cheese frosting till smooth and use it as topping for the carrot cupcakes!



QQ red apple said...

Hi chrystal,
Gong Hei Fatt Choy +++++ Man Xi Yuu Yee!!!!!!! Nice carrot cupcakes, sure will try for my kids. Is it taste likes kruidenkoek or likes ontbijtkoek?

Chrystal said...

Hi QQ,

Thank you for your wishes :-D..
Wish you Sam Seung Si Sing :) and your kids Faai Ko Jeung Dai

The carrot cakes taste a little bit like gingerbread actually. Not like kruidkoek or ontbijtkoek and it's very moist also.

Anonymous said...

Morning Chrystal!

I made the Carrot cup cakes twice, they are delicious! And really easy to make! Thank you for the receipe!



Anonymous said...

hey chrys,

when you ll post new receipt? watching for weeks to your cakes @@ :P

btw..i bought somethin for ya in Paris..


Anonymous said...


How are you? I'm fine ;)
Just wanted to say that I like your blog a lot =) Full with lots of delicious food ;) This week I tried to make okonomiyaki too =p
If u got time u should check out my blog too at

Take care!

x Wendy

Rozella said...

Hi there...was just blog hopping and I so wished I was your colleague! It looks so yum! Hehe