Sunday, 11 November 2007

Sweet Papaya White Fungus Soup

My mom bought me papaya's, since she knows I love them so much. Now I have not blogged for a while so I owed you this recipe!

This sweet dessert soup is one of the more nourishing Chinese desserts. One of the main ingredients is the white fungus and it is believed to be beneficial for the lungs.


  • White Fungus - 20 grams
  • Ripe Papaya
  • Chinese Almonds - 2 tbsp
  • Red Dates - 5 (stoned)
  • Rock Sugar - 50 grams
  • Water - 1 litre

Soak the white fungus in cold water. Put the sugar and the almonds in the pot or pan (ideally to use a crockpot).

Peel the papaya, unseed the fruit and cut it in even pieces. Add them in the pot with the white fungus and red dates. Add the water in the pot and put the pot in a large pan with cold water.

Bring the water to boil and let it simmer for an hour. If you do not have such large pan, you can use an ordinary pan to bring the soup to boil and simmer for an hour.

Serve the soup with the ingredients. Enjoy!

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