Saturday, 24 November 2007

Starbucks in the Land of Tulips, Mills and Clogs

The time has come. The moment we all have been waiting for.... Our first Dutch Starbucks!! Ok ok.. so this one does not have Matcha Frappuchino, they do not ask for your name at the counter and they added a little bit of Dutch service flavour to it, by letting customers repeat their (once with the order taker, and once with the cashier). It's still my place for a piece of cheesecake and a cold frap.

For me a nice piece of rasberry cheesecake. I love and hate cheesecake. I love it because I am an addict. I hate it because I am an addict.

Big chunk of chocolate cake for my choc-a-holic boyfriend. The cake was a bit too rich for me. It was like eating solid chocolate.

Java Chip Frap for me *big smile* and the Caramel Frap for Kelvin (who is the choc-a-holic now?). Reminder to self: Order the tall size next time - it is big enough!!

Welcome Starbucks in our humble small cold country, establish and multiply yourself!! Ooh for the people who are wondering where this coffeeplace is, it is in Schiphol Airport.

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