Friday, 23 November 2007

Mexican Restaurant Los Pilonos - Kerkstraat Amsterdam

Los Pilonos is rated as one of the best Mexican restaurants in Amsterdam. Not sure if that means alot as the Mexican population in The Netherlands is as much as non existing and the taco's are not made of corn flour, but wheat flour. We visited on a Tuesday and the place was packed. So full actually that we had to share our table with another party of two.
The place is decorated so colourfull (with a miniature statue of a Mexican wrestler behind the bar), if you were having a bad day, you will forget about it in seconds.

Before ordering you get a complimentary basket of nacho chips and three kinds of salsa dips. We were chatting and nibbling along, almost forgot to look at the menu card.

My friend (T) had the Taco Alambres. Not sure what that exactly is (beef with cheese and vegetables), but it looked very nice.

My dish was recommended by mine Mexican colleague (J): Taco Bisteck con Queso. The food was good, non complex and comforting. I chose for a mild dish, as I am a Mex food newbie. Do not come here if you are on a diet! (Seriously, the oil almost dripped out of the taco) By the way, I love quacomole!

We also ordered a very nice high calorie chocolate cake to share as dessert. Too bad by then our table was joined with another party and I felt so silly to make pictures of our dessert. I can only share with you how good it was... IT WAS GOOOD!!

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