Saturday, 20 October 2007

Berlin, Berlin, and Berlin again

We spend 3 days in Berlin, which is approxamitely 700km away from Amsterdam (6 hours driving). I have been in Germany enough times, but never been to Berlin. With no expectation at all, we got totally suprised. The history of this city is so recent. The fall of the Berlin Wall, the story of the Brandburger Tor, the romantic streets like Under den Linden, but also the modern Potsdamer Platz with their amazing Sony Center.

Yes Berlin has Dunkin' Donuts (and Starbucks!). It keeps reminding us how small Amsterdam is.
The fried spring rolls are from the popular restaurant Monsiour Vuong. Unlike Amsterdam, Berlin has little Chinese residents. Almost all the Asian restaurants were either Vietnamese or opened by Vietnamese people. I guess they do not see alot of Chinese people as they thought we were Japanese tourists. ICHIBAN! I like Viet food! Where are the Viet restaurants in Amsterdam?

The photogenic ceiling of the Sony center. I just kept looking up. Good thing I did not bumped into anyone. Between the modern architecture is Legoland. A 7 meter tall lego giraffe instead of a billboard.

That's me when we just arrived eating our first Currywurst mit Brötchen (fried sausage with ketchup/curry sauce mix with a bun). The first day was a bit rainy, the other two days were sunny and dry.
The United Buddy Bears project left lifesize bears all around Berlin. Every bear is painted by a different artist. At first I thought the bears were only in Berlin (there is a bear in Berlin's flag), but it is a global project and you can find them too in Sydney, Tokio, Hong Kong, Jerusalem. More info here.

You can find these crêpes anywhere in Berlin. I had one with Nutella (chocolate) and banana.. Yummy... nice breakfast. We had a very German lunch, with meat, potatoes, Saurkraut and a beer. I usually do not drink alcohol, but my thought was "a little bit of Octoberfest feeling and we are in Germany". I just had half the glass and it was the smalles size I could find. Brrr.. I really do not like beer. The guy sitting next to us had a 1 litre pint! They even sell 2 litre pints! Well, CHEERS :-) !

We went to the Jewish museum the last day. The museum tells the story of the prosecution of Jewish people from the dark ages until now. The stories of the WWII are unforgetable. Realisation hits hard, I have much to be thankful for.

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