Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Instant Coconut Curry Rice Stick

I found this instant rice stick bowl in the freezer section (on of the bigger Chinese supermakets -Beverwijk). I never seen instant bowles in the freezer before. Wonder what would be so different about it.

The instructions tells you to add 200ml water and put the lid back on and microwave it for 4 minutes on 900watts. I couldn't taste the coconut actually and besides that the soup was spicy, there was no taste to it. The only positive was that it had fish cakes in them, but I would prefer instant ramen and add my own fish cakes.

I found these fried dough in my soup after I was half way through. It really sucked up the soup.. HOT HOT HOT!!

I was never really fond of rice sticks.. Ah well.. back to ramen :-)..


Anonymous said...

hi... thats actually called laksa, basically curry noodles. Quite a popular dish in Singapore. The instant bowl really does not do the real thing justice. maybe you could try if you have a chance to drop by Singapore =)

Grace said...

Those are not fried dough. They are fried soybean curds. Also used to make inarizushi

Chrystal said...

Wow.. thanks.. now i know better.. instant meal of 9yrs ago was fried tofu indeed.