Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Tokyo Cafe

Tokyo Cafe, on Spuiplein Amsterdam, was one of the first Japanese restaurants to introduce the all-you-can-eat formula in The Netherlands. Some call it "just stomach filling", some think the restaurant is a parody on Japanese food. Whatever you may say, the place is always fully booked.

The tables are as small as they come, 100cm x 100cm is a table for 2. This makes sense as they earn per filled seat. So the more seats, the better.

They just added some new items on the menu. Thought we should check it out! The picture below does not show the new items yet.

These are the items you can choose from. They call the Thursdays "deluxe" as you can order things like sashimi, fried oysters, which you cannot on other weekdays. Though you pay a couple of euro's more ofcours. Here a couple of dishes that we ordered.

The sashimi was not that fresh in the first "rounds". It got better as the evening went by. Funny chicken dumplings/balls (?). Guess they were desperate thinking of new dishes?

Yummy fried oysters, they were holding back on the lemons. The miniature Katsu Curry (my fav at Wagamama) was not too bad. The little green dish is the Ginger Pork, not very special. The seaweed salad tasted a bit like the dimsum jellyfish dish.

I liked the gyoza's though Kelvin is not too fond of them. The season special was mussels, not bad. Another new comer is the vegetable roll. Vegetable rolled in (nappa?) cabbage. Ooh well, we do need our greens right? So green tea ice cream for dessert :-) They actually serve the best green tea ice cream I had in Holland. Too bad they do not have red bean ice cream.

The food is not spectacular, but it makes a nice casual evening out. Hope they have a non smoking area soon. As the tables are so close to each other, it is very disturbing when the table next to you is smoking, while you are trying to eat.

The bill was €60 including tips for two.

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