Sunday, 23 September 2007

Mooncakes - Mid Autumn Festival

Chinese people celibrate Mid-Autumn festival on the 15th of the 8th month of the Chinese Lunar Calendar (falls on September 25th of the Western calender this year). On the day of celibration, family would come to gether to eat, drink enjoy mooncakes and gaze at the full moon. Click here to read the story behind this festival.

The Cantonese mooncake is like a very big heavy cookie. It has a thin cookie layer and filling could vary, but most populare is the lotusnut paste and the white lotusnut paste. Usually it would have a salty duck egg yolk in the center to represent the moon. Nowadays people like to put up to 4 yolks in them and other versions as ice cream mooncakes, jelly mooncakes, snowskin mooncakes have made their introductions.

It is quite some work to find everything you need before making mooncakes. I have been looking for mooncake moulds, but could not find any in the Netherlands. I bought mine online at the wokshop. The people are so nice there and I even got 2 pairs of nice chopsticks as a token. Then I had to hunt for Lyle's Golden Syrup to make the skin. Ofcours it was only available in Expetriats stores. The hunt for the filling was not that easy either. There is only one Chinese Supermarket in Amsterdam Chinatown that holds selfmade lotusnut paste (and they also sell the white one!!!!). All the other Supermarkets only sell the ones in a tin (I really do not like them). I could just buy the salted duck eggs from any store in Chinatown, but I think I will salt my own eggs next year.

I will not be posting my recipe for mooncakes, because I followed the recipe of Florence. Of the couple of recipes I tried, this is the most workable one.

  • Make sure to give new mooncake moulds a 24 hours oil bath treatment.
  • How much filling and skin dough you need, differs with every mould you use. If you have too much or too less, the mooncake will not take the print of the mould nicely.
My favourite Mooncakes are with white lotusnut filling and 2 egg yolks. What mooncakes do you like?


Florence said...


You've got nice moonies for the festival now! :D

Lady Vanilla said...

My favorite mooncake is with red bean filling,
very nice looking mooncakes though,
keep up the good work !

Yin said...

Whoa, yours look so much better than mine! Though the shape is at its best after 3 days.. so I don't know how mine look now (baked some this weekend at my parents)... But the ones on Florences are amazing, like out of a shop, aren't they? Yours look really really good too! Still wondering how to make the skin as thin as possible though.. I can't seem to do it, otherwise the filling comes out...

CC said...

ho leng ah!! crystal che che when u gonna teach me!! i love mooncakes! moon love cakes = mooncake!

Suanne said...

My favorite is just lotus paste filing. Perhaps a little concern about the high cholesterol in egg yolks. Thanks for sharing the recipe. I might attempt it next year. :-)

Chrystal said...

Thank you for the recipe Florence!

Thank you Lady Vanilla :-) I never had red bean paste filling in mooncakes before. I should try some time!

Yin - I know.. I am so jealous of Florence's mooncakes :P. Did you roll the skin out? Try to do it on a floured board.

Moon - If you want to try, I can give you some tips. Shan can give you my MSN.

Suanne - I love the yolks. Not the same without them for me. Can't wait to see it (next year).. I'll see it on your blog! :-D