Thursday, 30 August 2007

Hardrock Café - Amsterdam

Not that long ago that we were in New York. I have to say that I had the best bacon cheese burger there! Where would you go for a good buger? You can only eat an American food in American restaurants.. We went to the Hardrock Café on the Max Eeuweplein in Amsterdam.
Kelvin ordered the "Legendary 10 oz Burger". That should be about 250 grams of meat. That is a pretty big burger. I ordered the "HRC Bacon Cheeseburger", but as you see on the pictures.. There was no bacon. They forgot. The waitress went back to get the bacon for me. So my burger was kind of cold before I assembled my BCB. I liked the fries a lot though. And you get free refills for the softdrinks (which is quite rare in the Netherlands).

The warm apple cobbler with warm caramelsauce, walnuts and the vanilla icecream! We shared it as we were pretty full already, but the dessert looked so good and it was really great. The bill came up to about 50 euro's including tips.

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