Saturday, 7 July 2007

Yamcha & Shopping

We went to Nam Tin on the Jodebreestraat in Amsterdam to yamcha (dimsum) after shopping. Unfortunately Kelvin was very eager to start when the dishes arrived. The table was covered with soy sauce before I took any pictures :P. No offence honey.

The food has been much better here than in the past. I use to dislike it here and would always go to Oriental Palace instead, but it is nice here for a change now. Though do not order the "Yuu Chu"(Roasted Crisp Pork). Last time we ordered it, the skin was chewy instead of crispy. The manager explained that they could not do anything about it as it was not produced by themself but bought from another vendor.

We had eight dishes for 2 people. Like the Chinese saying: our eyes are bigger than our stomach. The fishballs with pigskin was a golden oldie that we did not have for a while. Brings up some memories from Hong Kong!

I bought a new pyrex bowl to make Tofu Fa (a tofu dessert) in. Very handy as you can use the lid as a plate. A cookie syringe (?) to make some pretty cookies. Extra tart molds (as I only had 6) and a 10cm cookie mold to try my other egg tart recipe.

We bumped into this guy in Bijenkorf (department store). Amazing what people can make with lego. This guy was 6 feet something, must have taken forever to build!


shanshan said...

MICHAEEEEELL JORDAN!!!! DOESH! bankstel kapot :P
maarjaaa yeaaah.. i cant, i want to try your heung tjiew ko :P

Chrystal said...

Heung chi ko sik mai loe..hahahaha.. je kan niet echt lang bewaren..sowwie..

je michael jordan opmerking is niet echt aardig he.. je weet maar nooit of ie het toevallig leest :P

Anonymous said...

leuke blog maak meer eten.

groeten van Sai Bb

Chrystal said...

hahaha.. Hi SaiB

Hoe is het met jou?
Wat wil je dat ik maak? Als je een keertje wilt langskomen kan je met saiyuu meemisschien? Hoeft niet hoor.. dan kan saiyuu wel meenemen voor je om te proeven..


Rae said...

ben hier toevallig verzeild geraakt en ben diep onder de indruk van je plezier in eten!

should i write in english?
well, as i said, your passion for food is quite impressive!
nics pics, nice stories!!

BUT: where are the korean restaurants / korean food?


Chrystal said...

Hi Rae,

Thanks for visiting! Dutch or English is both ok for me.

Good point :-D.. There are some pictures in my New York post (August) of Korean Pancake "Pa Jeon". Very nice.. I'll visit a Korean restaurant soon and will post my visit :D.. I'm not ready to try and make it myself as I do not have much experience with Korean food..

Robby said...

Hi Chrystal,

Nice site! Thanks for the review of Taste of culture. By the way, if you love DimSum, go to the best place for DimSum in Amsterdam, go to Oriental city (corner Oude Doelenstraat/Oudezijdse Voorburgwal). Go on Sundays (best after 2 o'clock or you will be waiting for a while until you get a table).

Korean food you'll find in Amstelveen of course. Do try it, it's wonderful!