Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Wagamama - Zuid/WTC Amsterdam

Wagamama is an Asian noodle chain restaurant. I guess they are fusion Asian. The biggest influence should be Japanese. The names of the dishes are all in Japanese, but mixed with a western flavour. Some of the times the dishes look more Thai though..

The interior is modern.. It actually looks like a canteen. Long wooden tables.. A Japanese canteen. Green tea is complementary.

I was in my healthy mood so I ordered a carrot juice. Just too try. I was wondering what it would taste like. Could have guessed that it would taste like carrot huh? It was sweeter than I thought it would be. Good choice! My SG friend (HJ) ordered an orange/apple juice... She couldn't taste the apple though.

Before we ordered we stared at the menu for at least 15 minutes. We have been here before and the dishes are either really good or really disappointing. We don't come here often anymore so we wanted to make our choice very carefully... (thinking back, yes we sound silly, I know).

My Indonesian friend (D) had the Chicken Chilli Men. It looked very good. I think she was happy with her Chilli Men until the Cha Han of HJ arrived. HJ explained that Cha Han is the Japanese way to say "chow fan"(fried rice). D called it Nasi Goreng, she tasted the Cha Han and said it was good... and D is our fried rice expert... haha

I always have the same thing here. My Yasai Katsu Curry number 72. It is fried sweet potato, aubergine and squash, with non spicy curry sauce. So nice... Also my safe choice. A bit boring. Rather be bored than disappointed.

The lovely chocolate fudge cake with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce. Actually we were too full to have dessert, but it looked so nice. I can never refuse dessert. I skip my starters to have dessert. I actually craved for green tea & red bean ice cream, but another table had this dessert. It looked much too good... All three of us ordered the same dessert.

The bill came to a total of €55 incl. tip (we had discount vouchers). They have chain restaurants worldwide. Check out their website.

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Paola said...

Your pictures are mouthwatering!! Nice blog!