Monday, 2 July 2007

Spring Onion Pancake - Chong Yao Beng

Spring onion pancakes are also known as green onion pancakes or scallion pancake. In Cantonese they are called 葱油饼 (Chong Yao Beng - spring onion oil pancake). This pancake is usually eaten as a snack, but could also be eaten with a meal.

Ingredients (makes 4)

  • Flour - 150 grams
  • Warm Water - 125 ml
  • Spring Onions - 4 stalks
  • Vegetable or Olive Oil - 3 tbsp
  • Salt - add more or less by taste

Dice the spring onion and set it aside. Sift the flour and mix it with warm water. Knead it into a soft dough. If the dough is too sticky you can add a little bit flour, but the dough cannot be too firm. Divide the dough into 4 equal portions.

Spread some flour on the board where you will roll out the dough. Cover your roller pin with some flour to prevent the dough sticking to it. Take one portion of dough and roll it out as thin as possible (2mm). The thinner the pastry, the crispier the pancake will be. Brush the pastry with oil on one side.

Sprinkle on salt and the spring onion. Roll the pancake from two sides towards each other. Press and seal the edges. Role up the up the dough in a form of a snail and turn it on it's side and flatten the pancake a bit.

You can choose to deep-fry or to stir-fry it with 4tbsp of oil. It is ready when it is golden brown. The pancake should be crispy from the outside and chewy from the inside. Serve it while it is hot with any sauce of your preference.


Anonymous said...


Ik zal zaterdag dit recept proberen hoor.


Anonymous said...

ziet er echt allemaal erg lekker uit!
ik wil deze ooit ook nog eens maken lijkt me lekker ;)
good work!

xxx Jessica

Suanne said...

Looks great. I'm sure my kids will love it. I had requested for the community kitchen to demonstrate this but somehow the person did not manage to do it. I'll try your recipe. Thank you.

Chrystal said...

Hi Suanne,

Woa.. I feel like I have a celeb visiting my blog!

Good luck trying the recipe. With your skills it should be a piece of (pan)cake! :-D..

Chrystal said...

Hi Angie,

Laat me weten of je kids het lusten ;-D

Chrystal said...

Hi Jessica,

Dit recept is redelijk simpel. Goede "beginners" recept!

But you want to do the eggtarts first.. I know ;-D

Anonymous said...

Mijn kids gaan het niet eten want er zit iets groens in hahaha

Maar ik denk dat mijn hubby het wel lekker vindt.


Anonymous said...

Hoi Hoi,

Het is gelukt hoor.

Goedgekeurd door bijna het hele gezin behalve de jongste want die wilde alleen zelfgemaakt KFC chicken wings eten.


Chrystal said...

awe.. we krijgen de kleine nog wel ooit om :P.. hij mag er mee wegkomen, omdat hij er zo QT uitziet :-P.. 1 van de 2 eet het in ieder geval.. haha

Kelvin Wu said...

I made this today! :p