Saturday, 16 June 2007

Sugar water with Balls "Thong Yuen"

Tonight we wanted to give ourself a treat and have a late night(evening) snack. The Cantonese Chinese among us call this "Sew Yeah". A common thing in Hong Kong. Ussually this will be some kind of dessert or what ever the hawker stands are selling. As we do not have hawker stands in the Netherlands, we need to make it ourselves. One of our favourites- Glutinous rice balls with fillings ("thong yuen" in Cantonese). This dessert is very easy to make yourself, but even easier to have ready-packages available in Chinese supermarkets.

The common filings: red bean paste, peanut, black sesame

We use cane sugar to make the sugar water. Boil 1 litre water in a pan and desolve the cane sugar.

The balls go in to the boiling water. You can use the balls right out of the refrigerator. What ever you do not use you can put back in the freezer. Boil till the balls float and serve.

The filling: red bean, peanut, black sesame.

Mmmmmmm.. We enjoyed it very much :-D


Sylvia Raveling said...


Wat leuk, je eigen website!
Ik zet hem in mijn favorieten en als ik een recept namaak zal ik je het laten weten.


Anonymous said...

Jammie, eten.