Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Practise makes Perfect

Ooh... I am back..

Ok, I am kind of new in this baking and cooking thing.. I tried a banana chocolate muffin recipe, that turned out pretty good, but the taste was not what I hoped for. I am sure the next try will be better and then I can post the results and the recipe. Yesterday I made steamed Spongecake. I missunderstood the recipe and added butter to the batter.. Butter keeps the cake flat and it suppose to be spongy and fluffy.

I'll try again tonight, cross fingers for me!

Big kiss from Chrys!


Kelvin said...

Good luck. mmm haha

Anonymous said...


Ik heb vandaag siew ngaap gemaakt met rijst... yammieeee

Chrystal said...

Euh.. Niemand heeft gezegd dat Shan wel kan koken. Heb jij een recept voor je eend? Chinny?

Fam. Eersel-Sitalsing said...
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