Saturday, 16 June 2007

First entry

Hi all,

Here is my first entry.. Just got a new camera for my birthday and decided it would be fun to try recipes/food products and put them online to share with you!

At the moment I am trying out a lot of Chinese pastries recipes (no, not fortune cookies). I will post my coconut tarts recipe soon..

So be sure to come back again for an update!

Yummy in your Tummy guaranteed :-D.. (well, at least in mine)

"This is where the magic happends"

See you soon!


Kelly said...

Ciao Chrys!

What a cool site!
When was your bday? :O Totaly sliped my mind...
What kind of cam did you get?


Chrystal said...


It was last Saturday :-). Next time you come by, let me know I'll try some of my creations on you :-D. You can be my guinea pig. With Massimo ofcours.. But I don't want to scare him with my experiments :-D.