Saturday, 30 June 2007

Char Siu - Red Roasted Pork

I was in the local supermarket at the "exotic" section to see what kind of product they hold. And I saw this jar called Faja Lobi - Roast Red Pork. That very much sounds like Char Siu to me! I read the label and understood that this is a product for the Surinam kitchen. The Chinese people stationed in Surinam made Char Siu so populair there, that it is even considered as a national dish there. I decided to give it a try..


  • Pork - 1 pound (Cut in long pieces, about 4cm by 20cm)
  • Faja Lobi Roast Red Pork mix - 1 jar
  • Honey - 2 tbsp

Marinate the meat overnight in the fridge and roast it at 180C for 40 minutes. Brush some honey over the meat and roast it again for 5 minutes. That is it! Pretty easy huh?

The red colouring is pretty strong and it gave off on my cutting board. Although I had Char Siu before that did not use red colouring. I think it is just pschycologic, but it does not feel like real Char Siu.

Slice the meat and serve with rice and sweetened soy sauce. You can freeze leftovers and keep it for quite a long time.

I thought it turned out pretty well, but the meat was a little bit spicy (which I am not used to of Char Siu). I guess that is the Surinam influence. I will defenitely give another try to make Char Siu with a mix made from scratch.


Lannie Loke said...

Hi Crystal,

I'm a Malaysian-Chinese residing in Friesland. I made my own char siu every week. Very easy. I pan fry instead of oven bake.

Maybe you are keen to know my recipe. Tell me, Ok?


Chrystal said...

Hi Lannie,

I would like to have your recipe if you do not mind to share.

I am planning to make some Char Siu to make oven baked Char Siu Bun's :-).

Thank you!